Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 01. What does it mean no license self drive boat?

According to Polish regulation no license is required when driving a motorboat up to 10 kW/13,6 HP engine power. You can sail a boat by yourself if you are above 18. Nevertheless you must obey relevant sailing regulations anyway.

Q: 02. Can I rent a boat in the Port without prior on-line booking?

Yes you can however an on-line booking assures availability of a boat and speeds up the process of picking up the boat in the port.

Q: 03. Can I postpone a booking?

In case you have to postpone your reservation please call our bosun at +48 884 204 901.

Q: 04. How much time it takes to pick up the boat in the Port?

Signing a rental contract, picking up a boat and collecting life vests usually take some 10-15 minutes. It takes less when you make on-line booking. Additionally our bosun provides short training how to sail and operate a boat and it varies in time depending on your skills and experience.

Q: 05. Can I park a car nearby?

Usually you can park your car on side streets near the Motolodki jetty.

Q: 06. What if I am to miss the booking time?

Please contact our bosun directly +48 884 204 901.

Q: 07. How should I prepare for a trip, what to wear?

Always on the water you fell a little bit colder than you do on shore. Comfortable footwear and on sunny days a hat (but watch out for wind blowing) are advisable. Plus during longer trips you can take with you some snacks and drinks.

Q: 08. Do you provide life vests for children?

Yes even for those the smallest ones.

Q: 09. Can I take my dog with me?

Yes you can if you like however we do not provide life vests for dogs.

Q: 10. Why do you collect a deposit? When it is returned?

A returnable deposit is collected to secure the return of a boat in the same good condition. We pay back your deposit right after returning a boat unless the boat is damaged. If so the deposit is kept until repair costs are fixed or/and an insurance company confirms the claim.

Q: 11. Where can we sail?

North direction, downstream you will pass Warsaw downtown and you can reach Northern Bridge (Most Polnocny) or you can turn to Zeranski Channel and through Zeran Lock you can go to Zegrze Reservoir and Bug and Narew rivers. Or upstream to Southern Bridge (Most Poludniowy) in construction and further on if the river allows you to go. As a rule of thumb you can assume that going upstream takes twice as long as going downstream for the same distance . On our web and Facebook pages you can find proposals of interesting places to see and trips to make (with estimated timing).

Q: 12. What are priority rules on inland waters?

  • Ships and boats in convergent courses should pass each other left to left side (both boats should turn right).
  • The ship to be overtaken has a priority over the overtaking ship however overtaken ship tries to keep the course/direction to facilitate the maneuver.
  • Small boat (means you) gives priority to bigger ships (bigger means e.g can transport more than 12 pax).
  • Small boats give priority to the boats on your right side.
  • Motorboats give priority to the boat under the sail.

Q: 13. What are the most important rules to obey when sailing on the river?

  • You and your crew ALWAYS wear life vests. Irrespectively how good swimmer you are you will not be able to swim in this river unless wearing a life vest.
  • Never sail after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
  • Please avoid creating waves in the Port as it may damage berthed boats.
  • The optimal speed is around 3/4 of a maximum power.
  • Be careful, observe the water and any obstacles that may appear.
  • If you run aground do not attempt to overpass a shallow water with the engine. Stop the engine, lift the engine up to avoid the obstruction of a cooling system by sand and let the river moves you toward the deeper place. Eventually you can use paddles to move the boat.
  • Always sail with the lock lever in position DOWN (the bosun will show you where it is), when you run aground the engine will move up smoothly and you will avoid an unpleasant hit to the bottom/rocks or an engine damage.
  • When you change the gear from backward to forward or vice verse, always stop the gear in neutral position for a while otherwise you risk serious engine damage.

Q: 14. Where can we stop and go ashore?

Anywhere except for places clearly marked as non stopping, mooring, anchoring (see those signs on our web pages) and provides you can reach the river bank. Sometimes shallow waters and rocks effectively prevent you from reaching shore. If so you will have to find another place.

Q: 15. What to do in case of problems on water?

On each boat there is a short manual what to do in case of most common problems. Always you can contact our bosun at +48 884 204 901 who will assist you.